Was It Easy To Build A 6 Figure Amazon Business In 6 Months

The actual fact is this can be done a lot faster than 6 months, and for some people a lot slower. It was my first time, and learning the ropes takes overcoming hurdles and facing demons. Problems that most people would run into and then run away, were faced and conquered.

It’s actually really simple. You buy some stuff. You sell some stuff. Well thats one way to look at it, on an extremely dumbed down simplistic way. The success however, is in the nuanced detailes.

First of all, why bother with amazon. Well amazon are already a trusted brand for buyers. they have 200 million credit cards on file and they handle billions of transactions every day.

Finding products is also easy, and doing the research on wether it’s a good product or not is pretty self explanetory. Use amazon itself to do some product research just by browsing the categories as if you were a shopper. Then take some keywords like ‘coffee mug’ or ‘pencil holder’ over to google keyword tool and see how many people search for it a month to get a sense of the demand. You can also find products by searching ‘wholesale products’ in google. Again, this is pretty self explanetory.

While the method and ideas are pretty easy to grasp, most people just don’t do it. There are mental blocks holding them back and it’s extremely unfornutae because the opportuinties for making money online are right in front of us every day.

To tell how much competition there is, search the keyword in amazon and see how many reviews the top products get. If they have between 1-10 reviews then it’s likely very easy to compete but probably too low demand to make much money. However if the reviews are between 500-1000 or more, then it’s likely got high demand but extremely tough competition. Again this is common sense, and it doesn’t take a genius to make those connections.

The platform you can use to sell on amazon is FBA. Look for seller central FBA and you will find amazons seller platform. This is where you can set up listings on amazon, set up products, send inventory and create orders. Amazon have amazing documentation about how to do this, it just takes a little dedication to read up on the details and understand how amazons system works.

Once you get the hang of seller central, it’s pretty easy to use. Even I don’t use every feature, but the basics are enough to build a six figure business.

You can start selling pretty quickly by odering products at wholesale froma local supplier, or you can source from china. It’s not as complicated as you think to source from china, thanks to a wonderful website called Alibaba. This website is a market full of chinese suppliers that you can browse through and find amazing deals. Again, self explanetory. Find a product, talk the supplier, make an order and get it shipped either to you or to amazon.

If you want to get more advanced you can start branding the products and having your logo on the product. And to get more advanced you can learn some marketing and start advertising your product on google and facebook as well as amazons very easy to use advertisitng platform.

Advertising physical products is easy, because in most cases you know people want it already. In google you can see that they are searching for them already and it’s one of the most legitimate ways to make money online.

All this takes considerable work and effort, I’m not going to lie. It’s not exactly difficult, but the work is quite hard. The concepts are easy to understand, like i started with at the beginning of this post. Find a product, buy it, then sell it. It’s really that simple. If you make money, keep on doing it. If you don’t make money, stop doing it.

The tough part is decising you want to make money online and actually doing the work to get there. You don’t have to do it with amazon, you don’t even have to use the internet at all. However try to capture some sort of value, either in physical product, a creative peice of value you make, a digital form of value like teaching a skill or offer a service with skills that only you have. If you are working within a job there are always ways to create more value and go higher in your career or do more and then ask for more money.

Most people know these things, they are common sense and often instincual, however actually takingg action and going forward is the hard thing. Have a strategy formed on the options you can take and the directions you might want to go. Then take action on a certain path and keep going until you get to your goal or some varioation of it. You will hit hurdles along the way, this is normal. Find a solution, or just stomach it and wait it out, and you will overcome every hurdle thrown your way.

If you want to make money online, there are many tecniques, many types of businessess you can own, however they all require the same fundamental truths. Work hard, strategise, know yourself, give value, break through obstacles and persist until you reach your goals. There are many other fundamentals as well, but don’t think that you need them all to start. You will find many of them along the way, and these bits of knowledge will either help you on your way, or hinder you for a time, and act as an obstacle which you have to get through by learning the fundamenal knowledge or skill, or practicing it, or solving a problem in order to overcome the obstacle.

So that, in a nutshell, is how you build a successful amazon business. Obviosly a lot has been left out, but it’s pretty obvious I couldnt go through every detail in this small post. Or did you think I had the overnight secret button to get millions? Get real. Get working, and keep on going. One step at a time baby. One step at a time.

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