The Magic Button… Is Business!

Abracadabra Alakazam, with this shiny new project, you will have untold riches and unstoppable happiness.

Oh give me a break!

If you don’t already know, then this blog post is a wake up call for you.

There is no secret magic button that you will ever find, no software, no program, no course and no system that can give you overnight riches.

It takes hard work and dedication.

There are courses that bring you closer to your goals, and it’s totally okay to pick up products if (and only if) they are helping you reach your goals.

You have to build a business, and forget about finding that new magic button.

Businesses have goals, what do you want to achieve in the long term. What are your financial and personal goals in business? Answer this and you have taken the first step.

Businesses also plan. (The good ones do anyway). What steps will you take in order to reach that goal? How many sales do you need, how many websites, how many products, how long will it take. Ask yourself every question you can think of that may come up eventually, and answer it before you start.

If an answer to one of your questions is, “I don’t know”. For example you know you want to build a list, but you don’t know how to setup an autoresponder. Then either you make a note to look on YouTube for free information, or if you prefer, find a list-building course to help you reach your goal.

Do you see how things change when you look at what you do as a business?

Buying products becomes a necessity to learn, but ONLY to help you move forward in your plan to eventually reach your financial goal.

Businesses set tasks to perform. If you now have goals, and you have plans to get there, you must now create the individual tasks you must do to fulfil your plan.

The tasks section is the part where you will have many “I-dont-know-how”‘s filling up your task sheet. However this is a GOOD thing, it means that you know you have plenty to learn, and that it’s ok to make mistakes.

If you are trying something new make sure it’s helping you reach your ultimate goals. If it’s not (if its just another shiny object that isn’t part of a plan, then get rid of it)

When you have your goals, plans and tasks, there is just one thing to do.

Execute those tasks. Now you have a couple of options.

Either you don’t know how to perform a task (e.g. setting up an autoresponder, researching a product, graphics, site work, etc.) or you do know how to do a task.

If you dont know how to do a task, you can either learn how to do it (if its something simple that is needed) or you can outsource it (if its something complicated that you won’t need that much).

If you do know how to do a task, you can still outsource it, but you can do it yourself too.

Whatever it takes, whatever the cost, these tasks MUST be done. These tasks are the steps you are taking to reach your goals.

You cant skip, you can’t fly and you can’t take the train. There are no shortcuts, there are no magic buttons. You must take one step at a time no matter what you do.

So start seeing tasks as just small steps in a much bigger plan.

You have probably walked several miles in your life. If you are like me then you have gone hiking at some point, and walked for miles in just one day.

Your internet marketing journey is like a very long hike. The goal is to reach the peak of the mountain. The plan is to take shoes, supplies, water, and hiking equipment.

The tasks are simple. Walk. Put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

You never think of how to take 50 steps at once, it never crosses your mind.

So take this back to internet marketing. Take one step at a time, one small task at a time.

Then when you have done some tasks, take a daily analysis of what you have done.

What took you too long, what did you do really well, and what do you need to change or improve to keep on going.

Also look at what you did badly, or what held you back. (For me its setting up webpages, it always takes much longer than I expect and there are always issues.)

And for the problems that you did badly in or you were held back, make a note of it and remember to outsource it next time, or find a faster and easier solution.

By constantly analysing your tasks, you can grow and improve in the areas that you are good in, and fix the areas which you are bad in.

This is how you build a real sustainable business, and that is exactly what we are doing with our online businesses.

Remember, you need,

1. Goals – financial/personal

2. Plan

3. Task setting

4. Execution (learn, do, outsource)

5. Analyse

6. Improve strengths

7. Fix mistakes

Leave a comment below telling me if you use every elemant of what I spoke about today. Tell me where you may be going wrong or where you are doing great. I love hearing my customers feedback and thoughts, and I’m looking forward to hearing your comments.

Speak Soon,


About the Author

My name is Josh Morris, I run the site LovingGrowth. I love writing about self growth and motivational or inspirational advice. Enjoy reading!

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Mason - November 25, 2012 Reply

Hi Josh,

You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, and a business one at that.

I know what you write is the truth, it’s the execution that really gets me. As an example I know that I should be making tutorial videos and putting them on YouTube and my own site, but of course I’m reading your article and thinking about finishing my Diablo 3 campaign. 😀

I enjoyed your analogy of hiking and running an online business. I’ve never thought of it that way, and now that you’ve clicked that switch for me I’m going to try and execute whenever I feel the nagging of work to be done.

This is my first visit to your blog, so I’m not sure if you have written a post on the topic yet. Have you considered writing or speaking about connecting the dots of knowledge and action? Procrastination and the fear of failure and rejection are always holding me back from creating my own product or writing on my blog. Just something to think about!

Thanks again for the great analogy, really got me thinking!



Paul Eveleigh - November 19, 2012 Reply

Hi Josh,

I have followed your blog for a while now but this is my first comment here.

You raise some very valid points, and they follow my philosophy, in fact I wrote a post a few weeks ago about SMART goal setting. Your first 4 points certainly fall within that acronym.

Analyzing and fixing mistakes are also very well founded points in making progress and succeeding in any business, whether it be online of offline, and make good learning points to avoid in future.

I can see the validity about improving strengths and learning more advance skills. I think that many people could benefit more by improving their weaknesses, because sometimes certain tasks and knowledge just have to be acquired to make progress, and outsourcing is not always the most efficient or cost effective answer. Even if only on a temporary basis.

Have a great week,


John - November 19, 2012 Reply


Another excellent post. Yep it was a wake up call, yep I suffer shiny objuect syndrome.

I like the way you always turn things around. Seems obvious when I read it that I should decide what I need to do then look for ways to achieve it instead of chasing the “missing piece” and searching for answers in all the empty promises that drop in my in box every day.

Task 1 is to unsubscribe from most of the lists that been sucked into. I’ll keep a maximum of 3 – one place goes to you

Task 2 is to get focussed

Thanks again Josh


Vlad - November 19, 2012 Reply


I really love this post. It comes from a different place compared to the all the various internet marketers out there.

Building a Business is exactly what IM is about, not magic buttons and the IM world needs more people like you to give out the message.

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