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This is a snippet from a report I created on how to take action. It’s called “Becoming Present In Action”, and you can download it from the link below. But first, checkout this snippet and then download it to read the rest.

Unfortunately we spend so much of our time in a trance of time wasting. We can sit in front of the TV, scroll Facebook, or browse YouTube and emails for hours without even realizing where the time went.

I believe the secret to take action lies in our focus while we are doing it. If you focus on fears, anxieties and concerns, then you will avoid taking action at all costs. The action you do take will feel like a chore, and it is. It’ʹs physically draining to put up with your chattering self-­‐‑critic and thought cycles that make you feel like it’s all pointless.

However if you are more aware of your focus, eventually you can control and master it. When you master your focus, you will become a massive action taker.

I call it becoming present in action. I have combined three major areas of my life where I battled massive fear and stagnation, and put all the methods together to create the ultimate action-­‐‑taking guide.

Presence. Awareness. Action. These are the three pillars of action taking, and I’ʹll briefly tell you how I picked these up, and what fears I had to conquer to discover them.

I stared to develop the first stage later into my teens. Presence. I have always had social anxiety and social fears, however just like I shut out my awareness; I shut out my social anxiety as well. When I was a teenager I would completely ignore the anxiety, and act out weirdly and awkwardly with no concern for people around me. I would be annoying and bullying one second, and the next I would shy away in a corner on my own not knowing how to interact with anyone.

I had to overcome this slowly by learning to be present in the moment while I was around people. By accepting my social anxiety, I started to play with it. I got comfortable with social awkwardness, and began to develop a relationship with my anxiety. The hardest part of my practice was meeting strangers in the street, but eventually as I became more present to the moment I was even able to do that and be my real self, instead of a projected anxiety that I used to have.

There is so much more to facing your fears and taking action, and you can read it in a special PDF I created called “Becoming Present In Action”. You can download it below

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