Just Forget Everything Else…

In order to keep a success mindset you have to put aside everything you have heard about making money with internet marketing.

That might seem crazy, but hear me out.

There are TOO MANY options out there! And thats a really really bad thing.

When I say options I mean the thousands of products teaching the thousands of different things, methods, techniques, money making guides.

These might cover everything from online gambling to cpa. And if you have been in the game for longer than 30 days, you would know that there is just way too much information.

Some call it paralysis of analysis, but its really just a confusion.. too much data that you don’t know what to do with.

I believe (and I’m living proof of it) that anyone can get out of this zone by just applying FOCUS to their business.

This takes a powerful mindset… just focusing on its own would not get you anywhere..

The success mindset can be broken down into a series of very simple actionable steps.

What you need to bring into your life and business… and what you need to take out.

I have created this little image to help you. Make sure you READ each and every Winner and Loser trait…

The winners are the mindsets and attitudes you need to take into your life and business RIGHT AWAY.

And the losers are the mindsets that you need to remove… like, NOW!!

Just a word of warning:
The loser traits are harder to remove, than the winner traits are to add.

Get started on the WINNER traits first.. then as you being to focus better and improve, you can slowly start to drop off all the loser traits.

This will take time, but there is no better time than NOW to start this. Your life and business will change entirely, and you will have more focus, more success and of course the happiness and freedom you want from an internet marketing lifestlye.

This image is actually my desktop background! I see it every single day, constantly being reminded… I highly recommend you do the same 🙂

Check it out.

Click here to download for a Desktop Background!

To your continued Success!

Joshua Morris

Leave a comment to let me know that you want to become a winner, in your business and your life….

About the Author

My name is Josh Morris, I run the site LovingGrowth. I love writing about self growth and motivational or inspirational advice. Enjoy reading!

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Ann Smith - July 18, 2012 Reply

Hi Joshua, I really enjoyed this & now have the list of Winners & Losers on my Vision Board, which is right next door to my fridge. See them very often, as you can imagine. There is a very good TV series here in OZ called Winners & Losers, which is a great program. Keep up your good work. Cheers ANN

Beau - July 16, 2012 Reply

Aah well!

Options and more and better shiny options glittering and begging to be implemented…

Yeah, the jungle is dense and the mist is heavy. So now comes a cool head and a focused plan.

I know all those exciting products will eventually pay off, but that’s for then when they fit my plan!

No slash-and-burn, just doing one step at a time in a planned timeline…

Joshua, your “Winners” post is really a welcome cool breeze and just consolidates what I am about right now!

Thanks for sharing this.

Beau C

Bob Meyer - July 14, 2012 Reply

Thanks Josh,

This list is going to allow me to regain my focus and get back to setting up an action plan that will allow me to systematically accomplish my goals. I too have deviated from the path of narrow targeted focus and am guilty of grabbing the “next new shiny object” in a misguided effort to create a successful business quickly.

Part of my problem is that I am 65 years old, I am inherently impatient, my background is residential construction and I know all too well that I don’t have “all the time in the world” to get this done.

In this information age it is all too easy to unwittingly become a “jack of all trades and a master of none” …any business that has any hope of survival must be built on a solid foundation and I must get back to my foundation and build from that.

I feel refreshed and enlightened already…

Thanks again!!!

Chris - July 13, 2012 Reply

What a fantastic post Josh! The thing that gets me going? I seen this before, in one form or another, and yet I still have a number of areas in the “Losers” column that haunt me.
“I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.”

Donna - July 13, 2012 Reply

Very timely, indeed.
Similar to Asif, I’m bang smack in the middle of “decluttering” my inbox, so I can FOCUS on ONE thing…
Answering to NOONE but myself no more bosses by solidly building an online business.
With that in mind, my mantra: Less is more…

Joshua with encouraging words like yours, you remain part of my less!
So I welcome you pushing us, inspiring us and growing with us.
You may be a young man, but your wisdom – perhaps initiated by your late aunt – is beyond your earth years.
Thank you!

Brian - July 13, 2012 Reply

Throughout my life I have conformed to the Winners list, line by line. Then my company went bust and I turned to Internet Marketing to try and recover my financial position. Since then, due to lack of knowledge and therefore being way out of my comfort zone, I now adhere to the losers page item by item. Not sure I can fight through the the over load phase fog, but I am trying.

Just joined JVzoo but looks like its not such s good idea!


Debi-Jene - July 13, 2012 Reply

Targeted, great stuff!, thank you 🙂

Dan - July 13, 2012 Reply

Josh, Thanks for the blog post. Could you give me an example of a realistic deadline or goal for, let’s say a website build? A week, A few weeks, A few days? What deadlines have you used in your business? I would love to have a good example to use especially for step #1 on the Winners list.


    Josh - July 13, 2012 Reply

    Its going to be different for everyone depending on what level you are, how new you are to all of this… if you are technical, and how much time you have.
    The most important thing is to make it realistic for yourself… not to follow what other people might say.

    2 years ago it could have taken me a week to setup a site (I was very computer techie and I already knew how)

    Now I can do it in a few hours…. So it really depends on you.


Chris - July 12, 2012 Reply

It doesn’t get more direct than this. Hoping you will succeed is not enough. If you are struggling, a real plan with an actual goal and time frame should be the first step. Doesn’t have to be a grand goal…baby-steps are good enough to start the momentum building…just remember to build. Focus is the key.
Excellent post, Josh.
Excellent comments, Keith.
Let’s get to work!
Cheers and aloha,
Chris in Hilo

Trish Riedel - July 12, 2012 Reply

Thanks Josh, great post.
Winners point 2. Focus on one project with pinpoint precision. One of the best actions I have taken is to turn off all the message notifications. I am no longer distracted by the next email that comes into my inbox, facebook messages, people turning on their skype. I find I now totally focus on the one task at hand which means the task gets done a lot quicker and I do a much better job because it has my undivided attention.

Shaun - July 11, 2012 Reply

Thanks for the great insights again…..its like a right of passage. Most peeps have to go
through this searching and doing the wrong things….until they wake up and see they have
got nowhere.

Some peeps never wake-up……great post by Keith too.



Asif - July 11, 2012 Reply

And here I was ready to unsubscribe from your list too as well as many others to get focused… this couldn’t have arrived at a better time Josh.

You have saved yourself a customer.

And Keith, your wisdom is priceless!

Thanks for sharing and caring guys.


Keith - July 11, 2012 Reply

Josh, I like your point… too much stuff rolling around in newbies heads to take action in any one direction. Much like driving a muscle car, doing donuts in the intersection of massive opportunity, never picking a road to go down because you are too busy admiring the smoke of the tires and the whir of the engine.

The loser traits are actually symptoms of a deeper affliction. Reading shiny object sales copy, buying the products and dreaming about the IM lifestyle is simply “self-medicating.” Self-medicating is a term used in the addition recovery business to describe people’s attempt to temporarily “escape” their problems, much like an alcoholic or drug addict uses alcohol or drugs to escape their problems.

Reading the sales copy starts the process of fantasizing” about a better life, thru IM. That imagined life feels good (but not REAL, because there is no deep-down, core belief that it is truly possible) Then, buying the product provides a temporary sense of “taking positive steps in the right direction.” The individual feels a surge of self-worth in those positive steps.

The loser, at some point, must step back & see their behavior for what it truly is… a dreamy escape, a total farce. Pure fiction, a lie, total self-delusion. Over and over and over again, a vicious cycle of “I think I can, but no, I really cant,.” actually reinforcing the secret, TRUE belief that, “I am a loser, after all.”

UNSUBSCRIBE from WF, JVZOO, & ALL GURU lists (except Josh of course ;->)

Believe, COMMIT, PICK a destination, pick a road (business model) to get there.
Set a deadline, get to WORK.
Be RELENTLESS on the destination. DO NOT look left, do not look right, until you have reached that destination.

Patrick Donovan - July 11, 2012 Reply

I thought I would set the list free from the Desktop and into the Clipboard for those wishing to play with each line item. I hope you don’t mind, Joshua.

Each one of those gold nuggets can be a cure for “writers block” for any blogger looking at an empty “new post”.

For example, it’s important to discern between “marketing” and “selling” when suggesting to “focus on marketing which drives product creation”. “Marketing” in this context means LISTENING to the prospect/customer. In other words, asking the question, “Is there even a need for this?”. This principle is sometimes distorted to mean having a focus on “making the sale” while ignoring whether or not a product is even ready for release.

Thank you, Joshua. I’ll keep this list right next to the daily “to do” list.

Now back to that focus. 😉


The Winners…
1. Winners set launch dates, deadlines and goals.
2. Winners focus on this one project with pinpoint precision.
3. Winners don’t focus on perfection.
4. Winners accept “flops” as inevitable, and embrace the “flop”.
5. Winners hunt out their mistakes so they can improve next time.
6. Winners say, “If they can do it so can I”.
7. Winners focus on a few USPs and copy from other winners.
8. Winners focus on extending their strengths.
9. Wnners hunt out successful people.
10. Winners are generous… creates opportunities.
11. Winners focus on marketing which drives product creation.
12. Winners block out distractions to get things done.

The Losers…
1. Losers don’t have deadlines or targets.
2. Losers can’t say no to shiny objects.
3. Losers focus on perfection.
4. Losers fear the flop.
5. Losers are stubborn and blame others.
6. Losers look at the winners and make excuses.
7. Losers don’t have USPs at all and just copy someone else.
8. Losers focus on trying to be good at everything.
9. Losers avoid talking with successful people.
10. Losers are greedy.
11. Losers focus on their product first and marketing second.
12. Losers are easily distracted.

Kelli Roig - July 11, 2012 Reply

Straight to the point and excellent. You have made this happen for yourself, and are definitely impacting the way I approach life in general. THANKS! Kelli

Steve H - July 11, 2012 Reply

Hi Joshua,

I see a lot of loser traits on the list, in myself. I’ve been guilty of paralysis through analysis and jumping from project to project like a bee in a garden and buying way too many shinny objects.

I will post this where I can read it often to try and stay on tract.Thank you for the wake up call.

Best regards,

Steve H.

Benny Nielsen - July 11, 2012 Reply

Thanks very much for the list Joshua
I have downloaded it for my desktop background
to keep my focus.

    Josh - July 11, 2012 Reply

    awesome, you’re gonna notice a huge difference really soon 🙂

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