How To Develop The Fitness Habit

How To Trick Your Brain Into Developing the Fitness Habit

We all want to be fit, but so few of us are. The secret is simple. Those people are fit, have developed the habits of fitness. It’s not good genes (always) or the right diet (most of the time) but the habits of the individual that defines them. If you can learn how to shift your habits, you will develop a desire to get fit and you will actually get it.

But how can you develop the fitness habit, it’s too hard, it’s too complicated, there is just too much to learn, right? Well, yes, it is hard, but thats if you look at it over time. And it is complicated, but thats if you think abut the science behind it. In this post I will make it really easy and simple to trick your brain into developing the habit.

You don’t actually need to get fit. This is where most people who want to get fit go wrong. They first join a gym. Well, isn’t that a stroke of genius. The thought is, if I have a gym membership, then clearly i will be like all those fit people in the gym, so that will make me fit. Wrong! The reason people in the gym are fit, is because they have developed the fitness habit.

It’s much easier to develop the fitness habit than it is to actually get fit. So forget about getting fit for now. That goal is way to lofty and you will never achieve it unless you have the habit in place first.

Let’s consider an impossible scenario. You wake up one morning like peter parker after he was bitten, and magically your body becomes spiderman. Your muscles are perfectly defined, you are toned and in shape and you look amazing in the mirror. I guarantee that if you haven’t develop the fitness habit, then you will start to put on weight that very day. Within a week you feel feel fatigued, and within a few months you will be back to the way you started before the magical tranformation.

This is why even ifyou could get abs in 7 minutes you wouldnt want them because you couldnt keep them. You need the habit first.

The most important exercise to start doing (and this will surprise you) is not a physical exercise. It’s actually a mental exercie. There are little voices in your head (you know what i’m talking about) that stop you working out and getting fit. The first exercise is to overcome these little voices.

We will start by doing little exercises that require almost no physical exertion whatsoever, however they are a workout. How long can you go for without getting tired. Can you manage 10 seconds, 20 seconds or 30 seconds. I would say start with a maximum of 30 seconds. It doesnt matter what you do, you could jog on the spot, you could do a burpee (look it up) you could do a few push ups or squats, or even just lift your ams up and hold them there.

The idea of this mini exercise is NOT to get fit. It’s main goal is to start overcoming the little voices in your head that stop you working out, and it’s second goal is to develop a fitness habit.

Are you able to do this 10-30 second exercise once a day, every day? If the answer is no, then you are way too delusional for this blog post and you should probabaly go get a big mac from mcdonalds, sorry, but it’s your desiny to be fat and unhealthy. However if you answered yes to this question, and you do think its’ possible to doing 10 seconds of exercise every single day no matter what, then you have what it takes to develop the fitness habit and get fit.

You may laready be doing this much, in which case, just keep up the momentum and don’t go overboard so you burn out (unless the habit is extremely ingrained)

Keep doing these 30 second workouts for a month or three, until you feel inlined or motivated to actually o more. then upgrade it to a minute a day. You can add more some days or do a full 10 minute workout or mile jog, however only you will know when you are ready to do this without burning out. Don’t get fancy and run every day for  aweek, because I guarantee you it’s impossible to keep that habit up forever, so the only logical outcome is tha tyou will stop doing it and consider yourself having failed that experiment.

Over time, you will train your brain to overcome those excuses in your head, and you will feel nautrally motivated to exercise every day. These exercises are not difficult, and anyone can do that. I know you have time for them, it’s just 30 seconds. They can be done while brushin gyour teeth or waiting for the kettle to boil. Just do them. Develop the HABIT first, then when you have the fitness habit ingrained into your mind, you will see how easy it is to take that to the next level.

If you develop the fitness habit BEFORE getting a gym membership, then when if finally comes time to getting a gym membershp you will actually keep going. I personally don’t think a gym membership is necessary. Yuo can get reistance bands and do all the same workouts at home, however each person is different and you may like the ‘environment’ of a gym or the facilities they provide.

Over time you will actually get fitter, even from doing these impossibly easy exercises that take little to no effort. the only effort they take is a mental effort, and that the first area you need to develop in order to start getting fit.

It actually helps you get fitter

So set yourself a goal to do 10 seconds or 30 seconds of ‘exercise’ a day. The fact that you are doing it every day means you can be proud that you are developing the habit. And truly, 10 seconds of workout will not fatigue you. The exercise can be anything from jumping, to stretching, to doing arm rotations or squats. You can take it a step furthe and do pushups or crunches, however keep it at just 10-30 seconds and do it every single day. Soon you will develop a mental habit to start wokring out, and then you won’t be able to quit. Over time, not only will be extremely proud and fulfilled that you are changing one of the most important habits of your life, but you will notice actual differences in your physical appearance. You will develpo more motivation to workout for longer periods of time, and it wont feel like a chore. You will feel proud after every workout, and it will all come from those small 10 second exercieses that you do while brushing your teeth.

It’s easy to change your habits, get fit and change your life, however most people use the wrong strategy. Now you have the right strategy to make this a successful goal for you, so what are you waiting for.

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