Hero Table

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An english barrister turned leader of the independence movement and is revered around the world. He influenced a nation to take up non-violent civil disobedience to invoke positive change. The man is so full of wisdom, you can improve your happiness and life by just living by quotes on the internet.


Advisor for emperors, writer and philosopher. Seneca’s wisdom has luckily been passed down to us. Reading “On the shortness of life” has changed my entire outlook on life more than once. I continue to learn more from seneca every day.

brianjohnsonBrian Johnson

Brian is a modern philosopher and teacher. He studies from all the best philosophers and teaches his wisdom in the most modern of ways. His book breakdowns are great and his work has taught me so much.

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Steve Jobssteve-jobs-morreu-brasil-153927

Steve Jobs. His creative business marketing mind and his innovative way of thinking changed how we live forever, giving us luxuries like iPhones, user friendly computers, and even Pixar.
Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography

Bill Gatesbill-gates

Steve jobs brought personal computers to the masses. He now uses his wealth for philanthropic purposes. He’s working on eradicating diseases and fixing our planet. Bill is a role model, a guide for living, and a perfect mentor for business.

Sam Waltonsam walton

Creator of Walmart the multi-billion dollar corporation. His family now scatter the Forbes billionaire list with a wealth of over $100 Billion. That’s 100,000,000,000. Enough zeros? His book is my favourite business book, and a must read for any entrepreneur.
Book: Made In America

warrenbuffetWarren Buffet

From 7 years old Warren buffet was studying investing. Now he has built up over 65 Billion in assets and over 30 Billion in cash. He has pledged to give away 99% of his wealth when he dies, and his smart investing business mindset is an inspiration to all business people.

Charlie Mungercharlie_munger

Warren buffets partner and genius in his own right. Known for his logical investing mindset and influence in many areas of business. I’m always inspired by something Charlie munger says, wether it’s his breakdown of cognitive biases or his investing strategy.
Book: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger

jeffbezosJeff Bezos

Creator of Amazon. Jeff Bezos was inspired by Sam Walton, reading his book “Made in America” until the pages fell out. He quit his corporate job and started Amazon. Now his store reaches across the entire world and has changed millions of lives. His innovations like the kindle and drone delivery continue to change the way we think and look at the world.
Book: The Everything Store

tai-lopez-fraudTai Lopez

Tai is a business man, investor, entreprenuer and teacher. He has made a huge name for himself on social media and continues to inspire change in the masses using media. He is straightforward, hard-hitting and an inspiration for change. Many of my favourite books have been recommended by Tai, and he is the reason for many positive changes in my life.

Jason Fladlienjason-fladlien

Jason Fladlien is an internet marketer and business owner who has inspired me from the early days of my business journey. He has sold digital and physical products and made millions doing so. His products teach you how to create a business of your own and lead a free online marketing lifestyle. He’s also pretty funny and used to be a monk.

[headline style=”16″ font_size=”40″ align=”center” headline_tag=”h1″]Health Heroes[/headline]

Arnold Shwartzneggerarnieboth

Arnold goes out and gets what he wants with no apology. His relentless attitude led him to win Mr Olympia 7 times in a row and then went on to become the governor of California. His ‘sculpture’ mindset changed the way I think about self development and he continues to be an inspiration for my life.

elliothulseElliot Hulse

I found Elliot on Youtube and his videos immediately had an impact on me. His mindsets and outlook improved my own, and his practical fitness videos helped me with my own training. He owns a business and continues to improve in his own life which inspires me to grow and improve in my own.

maxresdefault-1Brandon Carter

I have done so many of Brandon Carters workouts that I can probably attribute a good amount of my fitness to him. His learning mindset and positive ‘go-getter’ attitude has also affected me. I continue to follow his progress and use him as an inspiring force in my life.

[headline style=”16″ font_size=”40″ align=”center” headline_tag=”h1″]Social Heroes[/headline]

Owen Cookowencook

Own Cook co-creator of Real Social Dynamics. This company, although extremely controversial in the general media, has changed my life. I used to be a shy, introverted loner with no social skills. With the lessons they taught (although controversial) have helped me understand the social world, improve my dating life and become a happier and healthier person.

Sam PowerSampower

Sam is my good friend and mentor, and the first person to help me break out of my social anxiety. He personally coached me and taught me subtle secrets about being comfortable in social situations. I continue to learn from him and be inspired by his outlook on life.

Simple Pickup

guest-featureThese guys are hilarious and fun, they make having a social life look the best thing in the world, and it truly is. Their lessons on social behaviour have helped me in so many situations, and the best thing I’ve learned from them is to enjoy it more. They inspire me to have more fun, do more good and spread more love in the world.

[headline style=”16″ font_size=”40″ align=”center” headline_tag=”h1″]Travel Heroes[/headline]

johnny-wardJohnny Ward

I found Johnny when I was looking for travel inspiration and he certainly inspired me. He has traveled to many countries and shared his experiences with the world. His openness and clear lessons on travelling inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and go travelling as well.

Graham huge 2

This guy is a huge inspiration for travelling. He broke world records, travelled the globe and documented almost everything. He travelled to every single country in the world without using a plane. When I think about Graham, my silly travel fears seem so small. I will continue to step out my comfort zone and use him for inspiration.