Grow Your Self-Esteem By Seeing It In Others

If you want to have an impact on the people around you and people that you will meet, then you have to see them in a hypothetical position of high self esteem. This will create happiness in yourself and others and will create a snowball effect for high self esteem and positive self growth in your life.

If you see everyone with high self esteem or at least a potential for high self esteem, and you yourself come from a position of high self esteem, then people will be drawn to you, and you will be drawn to others.

If you create positivity within yourself, and you start focusing on the positive in life and things, then your views will leak into every interaction you have with other people and they would not be able to help being drawn to you.

When you come from a position of high self esteem, it means you are being true to yourself and your integrity is very strong. When people sense this in you they are naturally drawn to your honesty.

If you come from a position of low self esteem when you interact with people, and you see them in the same light, then you will see the worst in yourself and the person who you’re interacting with will sense this and see it as the truth. Also if you see them in the light of low self esteem, then they will not want to think of themselves in this way and they will associate negative emotions towards you.

This is all on a subconscious level, the person will not really know why they feel this way towards you, and they may call it intuition or a gut feeling. They may say that the interaction “felt” weird or off somehow.

No one will ever explain it as, “you came into the interaction with low self esteem and you saw me in low self esteem too” because they just don’t know about all of this.

So next time you are forced into an interaction, or perhaps you seek them out on a regular basis (good stuff) then take this into account.

Take this knowledge into your next interactions, be it a starbucks worker, a waitress, a customer or employee, a work colleague or a relative.

See them in a position of potential high self esteem. This means you have to see them as the best version of themselves, how they would be if they were in a great mood, doing their best, and a high self esteem person.

Come from a position of high self esteem yourself. This simply means you see yourself as a person with high self esteem, and therefore the other person will get a natural feeling that you are a person of high self esteem.

The outcome will be incredible. People interacting with you will start to see you as a much better person, and they will start to see themselves as better people when they are around you. This will naturally create many positive emotions towards you, and they will be drawn to you again and again.

This will also affect how you see yourself in general. When you are constantly forcing yourself to consciously see high self esteem in others, and try to come from a position of high self esteem yourself, you will start to develop a powerful self love and self esteem, and a love for others that you didn’t think was possible.

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