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Finally Learn To Get "in-the-zone" and Steamroll Through Projects Until They Are Successful

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Hi, I’m Josh Morris. I have been a full time internet entrepreneur for 7 years.

I have helped dozens of companies and individuals with their online marketing, and sold thousands of digital and physical products online.

However I always had trouble getting into focus, and I know I’ve lost tons of money because of this problem.

In “The Focus Factor” You Will Discover…

  • My Lazy Productivity Tricks
    I used to be lazy but I wanted to grow my business and make an impact on the world. I learned to cut out distractions, set goals and take control of my world.
  • Have You Checked Your Phone Yet?
    We are constantly bombarded by the ‘ping’ of social media and instant messaging. Learn how to use these productivity tricks to stop this forever.
  • Gain Direction And Clarity in Life
    Learn how to focus on whats important. I lay out the steps to finding perfect clarity and direction in your life. Learn to get lost in ‘the flow’ and know you are living your dreams.

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I know that you are one of the most down to earth and grounded marketers around who provides the most empathic support of anyone I know on the web.

Robert Stone​


Josh has found a brilliant system here to get you to focus!   I have a massive focus problem myself, so I’m going to try out Josh’s methods and I’m pretty sure that they’re going to help my productivity immensely. Nice job, Josh! 


Can You Spare Just One Minute?

If the answer is YES, then you’re ready. Take the next step and learn how to focus your time and effort. You’ll make more money, take more action, and be more effective than you ever thought possible.


The Focus Factor

A Lifetime of Focus In 1 Minute

Chapter 1: Damage Control

  • You get the time/value system which instantly boost the value of your time so you can get more valuable work done in less time - Page 4
  • You get the secrets to control your buying addiction which helps you save more time so you can enjoy your life and do the things you love - Page 6

Chapter 2: The Concentration Cave

  • You get the secret cave method which removes all psychological distraction so you can focus 100% on the task at hand - Page 9
  • You will learn how to remove every distraction to strengthen your focus in order to get more done in less time -  Page 10

Chapter 3: Gun To The Head

  • You get The ONE MINUTE Focus Secret to getting things done FAST so you can dive into any massive task easily and comfortably- Page 11
  • You will learn how to keep up the focus even if you are very easily distracted so you can focus for long periods of time without distraction -  Page 13

Chapter 4: In the Flow

  • You get the "FLOW" secrets which teach you how to reach pure focus so you can be hyper productive whenever you want - Page 16
  • You get the Power Hour trick to getting more done in less time so you can smash out those tougher tasks easily -  Page 16
  • You will learn my "Religious Focus" secret that saves you time every day and turns your "focus" skills into a habit that lasts a lifetime - Page 17

Conclusion: A Quick Sum Up

  • You will learn how to take it easy and go one step at a time so you can easy your way into being a highly focused productive person without any pressure - Page 19
  • You will get a breakdown of the whole system in just one quick sum up so you can get started right away and take action on everything you have learnt - Page 19

There’s no saying how much it will cost you if you try to learn this all on your own. If you use trial and error to try and fix your productivity problems, then you will waste hundreds of hours, and potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

There’s no saying how much it will cost you if you try to learn this all on your own. If you use trial and error to try and fix your productivity problems, then you will waste hundreds of hours, and potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

All For One Amazing Low Price

If I were to do a private consultation session with you, it would cost $300 minimum.

Consider the fact that I’ve invested over £500 into my own productivity training. This includes books, courses, seminars and coaching.

My own trial and error cost me months of time and easily thousands of dollars. Over this gruelling process I have found the fastest and easiest methods.

The potential results you can get are immeasurable. Let’s just say you save 2 hours a day from this training. At $10 an hour, thats $20 a day, and $7300 a year.

If you use that time wisely and create a boost in your career, business or income then only you can put a value on that. If you double or triple your productivity, what do you think happens to your income?

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 Tony Robbins 


One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.

You can ONLY get this from me, and it’s not available for free or for sale anywhere else. It’s developed from my unique experience and methods and it’s taken me years to develop.

Only the elite earners and successful business people and entrepreneurs really use these tactics. Everyone else is scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for productivity tricks that actually work.

So if you want in today, act fast!

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Mark Twain


The secret of getting ahead is getting started. 

This is Joshua Morris, Thank’s for reading, I hope you enjoy a lifetime of success and focus with this productivity system!

Kind Regards,

Josh Morris