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The Confidence Manifesto: Becoming Wealthy, Happy & Attractive

Get ready to become the most confident version of yourself. In this post I’ll outline everything I have researched and practiced about becoming totally confident in every area of your life.This post is pretty big and contains a ton of valuable advice, so I’ve broken it down into sections so it’s easy to use. Table of […]


You Become What You Think: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

We all love quotes. In this post I’ll quote, in chronological order, wisdom from over 2000 years ago until today. Each quote, from the greatest thinkers, business owners, presidents and philosophers, tell us the same thing. What we think, and what we believe, shapes our lives.[testimonials style=”2″ margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””][testimonial name=”Solomon” company=”931%20BC” href=”” image=”×150.jpg”]%3Cp%20class%3D%22p1%22%3EFor%20as%20he%20thinks%20in%20his%20heart%2C%20so%20is%20he.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/testimonial][/testimonials] Although this […]


The Magic Button… Is Business!

Abracadabra Alakazam, with this shiny new project, you will have untold riches and unstoppable happiness. Oh give me a break! If you don’t already know, then this blog post is a wake up call for you. There is no secret magic button that you will ever find, no software, no program, no course and no […]