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How To Speed Read In 2 Steps

Reading is cool, there’s no denying it, and the coolest type of reading is reading non-fiction for the purpose of self-growth and self-education. These books can get a little dry so it’s useful to know how to read a little faster. This post will be the idiots guide to speed reading. Step 1: Pointer The […]


How to Avoid Making Terrible Mistakes

My favourite new way to think about failure My favourite new way to think about failure and mistakes has changed the way I feel about them completely. Just saying ‘you should learn from your mistakes’, isn’t the complete truth. Wisdom from over 2000 years ago says it clearly. “Better be wise by the misfortunes of […]


4 Easy Ways To Motivate Yourself Every Day

Motivation is a personal art. Everyone is unique and you may not be motivated by the same things that motivate other people. However there are some fundamentals to motivation that if you follow you will be motivated every single day. As you become more motivated, you will find your own personal motivations that work just […]