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How To Deal With Depression

Dear Sad (But beautiful) Person, The worst thing to hear when you’ve got depression is “cheer up”, “stop looking so sad” or some related condescending positive bullshit that just makes everything worse. Let’s be honest, depression is not something that can be solved by being told a little tidbit of advice. Warning: If you have […]


You Become What You Think: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

We all love quotes. In this post I’ll quote, in chronological order, wisdom from over 2000 years ago until today. Each quote, from the greatest thinkers, business owners, presidents and philosophers, tell us the same thing. What we think, and what we believe, shapes our lives.[testimonials style=”2″ margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””][testimonial name=”Solomon” company=”931%20BC” href=”” image=”×150.jpg”]%3Cp%20class%3D%22p1%22%3EFor%20as%20he%20thinks%20in%20his%20heart%2C%20so%20is%20he.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/testimonial][/testimonials] Although this […]


How To Create Motivation From Fear

I have thought about this idea for a while, and I came to the conclusion that fear is a very good thing. Yes, it’s a VERY good thing.  Fear gives you direction in life, instructions on how to do something. And most importantly, it gives you the motivation you NEED to be successful. This may […]


The Addictive Self Help Scam

I’m saddened by the self-help industry as it stands today, nothing but quick fixes and false promises. People who genuinely need help are being prescribed placebos, which create short-term fixes, and an addictive attitude towards self-help. The self-help placebo is something I’ve found more and more these days. From fire walking to spewing positive affirmations, […]